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No Sales Tax and Free Freight on all Domestic Retail Sales

Free Flo Hoses have been a steady selling product since 1990. In the beginning, many people thought Free Flo Hoses to be a gimmick product, but after 27 years of sales and with millions sold, it’s obvious that riders have accepted them worldwide.

Our goal is to sell our products through the distributor/retailer network. However, in some cases, a retailer is either not serviced by one of our distributors or their distributor chooses not to carry one of our products. In that event, we will sell to the retailer and by the same token if a rider can’t find our products, we will sell to the rider. There also products that necessitate our selling at retail only. All products are sold only at the price level to which each customer qualifies.


The Story on Free Flo Hoses

The standard Free Flo Hose offers the rider a unique, inexpensive custom addition to his/her machine. Free Flo Hoses are available in sixteen color match or accent colors. The No Slop Hose adds function with a one-way check valve and another color for a more custom look. The third version is the Swivel No Slop Hose. As the name implies, this hose has a one-way valve and a swivel feature, which keeps the hose from kinking when the gas cap is removed.

Much of the success of the Free Flo Hoses can be attributed to the P.O.P counter top display. Many retailers have commented that Free Flo Hose display is their ‘pepperoni jar’ much like quick stops have.

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